Fresh water controller  
The fresh water controller are designed on the basis of most modern criteria in operation, function, maintenance and assembling. We use newest technologies, e.g. own ASICs. The devices are equipped permanently by qualified developers with new achievement parameters and extended by functions.


Fresh water controller FWR3

The controller FWR3 is used to contol the domestic hot water temperature in fresh water system using flow principle. It has five temperature sensor inputs, seven relay outputs, two triac outputs for pump speed control, one pulse input, two inputs for vortex flow sensors and two 0-10V outputs to control high-efficiency pumps.

The controller is characterised despite complex function of extent by a serving which can be handled intuitively surface. So the announcement can be switched on the level of information with rotatary push button between the time and the temperature sensors, the supervisor states always in the view in the information level. The most important settings are directly accessible over the rotary switch. In the parameter level extensive settings are possible, e.g. settings for heating circuit, DHW system, circulation and auxilary heating.

The controller supports a logging for all measuring and the switching status of the outputs and the remote selection, remote configuration and visualization.


  • universally applicable, simple assembly, simple operability
  • pump speed control for up to 2 pumps (standard pump, 0-10V, PWM)
  • less than 0.8 W in standby operation
  • integrated heat meter and counter for hours of operation
  • 5 temperature sensor inputs
  • 2 vortex flow sensor inputs
  • 7 floating relay outputs
  • Drehzahlregelung für Standardpumpe, PWM und 0 bis 10 V
  • less than 8 kWh per year
  • integrated heat meter and counter for hours of operation
  • binding at building control system and Internet possible
  • supports cascaded systems

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