OEM - What\'s that?  

KT-Elektronik is an OEM producer.

OEM = original equipment Manufacturer
This means, we have no own distribution, but produce devices for several other enterprises. These enterprises, our customers, market our devices under your name and guarantee the final customer service .

Hence, you can acquire no single devices from KT-Elektronik. If you need devices in suitable number of pieces, you can cover this with us – also with individual colour and print of the case and if necessary also with special software adaptations.

At the moment we produce more than 35,000 devices in the year. Most of it are cntrollers for district heating systems, but also for boilers and ventilation systems as well as for solar thermal systemsand heat pumps. Beside the area of the heating technology and building automation we develop and produce components for liquid amount meter in the food area, and different accessories like interface converter for RS-485 network, modems, LON components, CAN components, Modbus-enlargement devices, RFID readers as well as ASICs (customised ICs).

For your devices the technology which has already proved itself in other products is used. This makes our controllers a respectable and reliable product and minimises your risk by the product introduction.

Our many years' experience in the solution of the most different control engeneering demands also flows in the software development for your device.

The produced numbers of items allows to offer the devices for a very competitive price.

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